Everyone likes something exciting like a chilling cold drink. The best solution is usually getting instant ice.

Portable ice makers are currently a must have in your household so has to have ice always available for your family and guest.

If you have been looking for a Portable ice makers, then this article is a great source for you where we have listed the Top 10 Ice Maker 2018.

Below you will find a detailed review on each of the top 10 ice makers of 2018:

NameIce Per DayMaterialPrice
Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker (Editor's Choice)26 lbsStainless Steel
Della Stainless Steel Ice Maker35 lbsStainless Steel
hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker 26 lbsABS
Della Stainless Steel Ice Maker48 lbsStainless Steel
Ice Machine - ThinkGizmos26 lbsStainless Steel
Igloo ICE105 Ice Maker26 lbsStainless Steel
Upgraded NutriChef Digital Ice Maker 33 lbs ABS
Ivation Ice Maker (Editor's Choice)48 lbsStainless Steel
Costway Electric Ice Maker Machine 26 lbsABS
VonShef Counter Ice Maker40 lbsStainless Steel

1. Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket, Stainless SteelAffordable

The Igloo ICE 103 portable ice maker will allow you to make ice cubes in your home that is in case you need large amount of ice.

Its portability allows it to be taken for camping in your Recreational Vehicle (RV).


  • It has a good build quality, housing a stainless steel design which offers strength and durability.
  • This portable ice making machine is smart housing two compartments a storage (ice bucket) that is insulated for short-term storage and refrigeration area that makes the ice.
  • It is fast as you can serve ice in as little as six minutes and has a large oversized ice bucket that can hold up to 2.2 lbs. of ice.
  • It incorporates a water reuse design uses water from melted ice in the storage compartment to make another batch of ice. Saving you money and water resources.
  • The power draw of the Igloo ICE 103 is about 0.63 kWh per day which saves you money
  • The ice maker offers you three sizes of ice.e. small, medium, and large.
  • It has an LED controller/indicator which is easy to use. When the ice maker will make ice and fill the storage area with ice and when full will indicate on the led indicator. How cool is that…?
  • When full of ice it is silent and will go into standby mode saving energy. The ice is stored in an ice bucket so the ice is ready to be served. This is also an energy saving feature.
  •  Also when low on water it will indicate on add water led indicator
  •  Simple to operate as all you ever need to do is fill the water reservoir with water to the fill line.

The Igloo ICE 103 not only offer portability but it is a compact and full of innovative technology that makes ice making even more exciting. I like it for what it is.

2. Della Stainless Steel Ice Maker 35lb Per Day Portable Countertop Freestanding Icemaker

This portable ice maker will allow you to make ice cubes for those hot summer afternoons in minutes.

It is lightweight and stylish, and makes ice quickly and quietly to so you can focus on enjoying yourself.

The design is very modern, and you can adjust the cube size to suit your needs.

Bring it along in your caravan or boat, or use it at home; its sleek stainless steel finish makes it look great wherever you use it.

The Della Stainless Steel Ice Maker 35lb is designed for portability and style.

You can create up to 35lb of ice in one go and the ice cubes are easy to manage, unlike using an ice tray in the freezer.

The ice is formed in approximately 6 minutes, with easy-to-use controls which enable you to activate and deactivate, or change the ice size.

You won’t have any difficulties operating your ice maker, and it won’t leave you waiting for long periods without any ice for your drinks!

When the device’s water reservoir is low on water, there will be an alert to add more; the same is true of when the ice bucket is full you.

This saves you having to check manually, for added convenience.

The Della Stainless Steel Ice Maker 35lb was painstakingly designed to be as convenient and efficient as possible to make your life easier and provide you with all the ice you need.


  • Makes ice quickly and alerts you when ice is ready – no long waits or constant progress checking.
  • Runs quietly so won’t disturb you as it operates, even at night.
  • Insulated so ice can be stored effectively until you need it.
  • Sleek, modern design to fit well in any environment.
  • Lightweight and portable, easy to use and packed with convenient features.


  • A little chunky, takes up space on the counter.
  • Some customers report noise level increase after several months.

3. HomeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Counter Top

If you need to make ice for a party or for everyday use, Homelabs Portable Ice Maker machine for the counter top is your best bet.

It makes 26lbs of ice per 24 hours and is handy for home use.

The machine is designed to produce 26 pounds of ice per day and to store 1.5 pounds of ice at a time. It’s easy to use and can fit easily on your counter.

The device doesn’t take up much room and not heavy, thus can be easily carried or placed anywhere in the ice.

It makes beautiful cubes of bullet shaped ice when deposited with water in 6-8 minutes.

The machine does not generate much sound as previous devices by using advanced cooling technology and refrigeration techniques with compression technology.

The machine comes with ice basket and ice scoop and can automatically shut off when the ice basket is full.

If you are in habit of using ice regularly and have no space in your refrigerator, then this device is for you.

While using take care to wash it off at night and fill with water, to get cubes full of ice in the morning.

The product comes with a 2-year warranty and also has a 30 days return policy if defective product delivered. HomeLabs also provides you with a lifetime technical support in case of any queries.


  • The device is easy to use and needs no installation procedures.
  • It is portable and can fit on counter top easily.
  • While making ice it produces very little noise like humming.
  • The device is very user friendly and it is very safe.


  • If you are making ice for a party it’s not suitable as it can take a large amount of time.
  • When ice gets dumped in the ice basket after manufacture, it produces too much noise.

4. Della Stainless Steel Ice Maker Portable Countertop Freestanding Icemaker 48lb Per Day

Della Stainless Steel Ice Maker Portable Countertop Freestanding Icemaker is one of the best electric tabletop ice makers that can help you to make a surplus measure of ice in one brought together electronically ice tub finish with redid ice shapes and huge amounts of different highlights.

This is actually unblemished for the kitchen, bars, big restaurants and some specific purposes. It is one of the best stainless steel ice makers that you can operate easily.

You can use it for the large party time and also a big event. You can see that during installation time, there is no manual installation is required and you can just plug in and it will do work in the meantime.

It can make bullet ice blocks within 24 hours because of 48lbs.By using this machine, you can make any kind of ice as the shortest possible time.

It can help well-insulated normally and try to hold lbs at the given time.

There is an on/off switch that can help you to do your work easily and there has also some specific buttons like ice small, medium, large in the control panel.

If the water limit is not enough there to make your ice, it will warn you suddenly so that you should put again an extra water.


  • Color code: Stainless steel
  • Voltage range: 115v / 60z
  • Ice types and shape: Outboard ice maker and cube bullet
  • Operating duration: 6 minutes
  • Per-cycle ice making limit: 12pieces
  • Additional water indicator: yes
  • Ice making capacity per day: 48 pounds
  • Cryogen code: R134A 3.35Oz/95g
  • Certified: ETL, CSA, UL Listed
  • Full hoop indicator: yes


  • It is fitted for anywhere like home, restaurant, torpid etc
  • Easy to place anyplace
  • LED notifications lights are available
  • Ice level checking system via window
  • Male 48 pounds within 24 hours
  • Stainless steel that is more protectable
  • High capability ice making as it takes time almost 6 minutes
  • Box is weather-strip that works against melting


  • It takes a few minutes to start up the system
  • Sometime overheat body
  • No drainage tube so that you cannot drain additional water
  • Sometimes melt ice by overheat

Della Stainless Steel Ice Maker Portable Countertop Freestanding Icemaker is more useful for your home and restaurant because of its comfortable size.

5. Ice Machine – Portable, Counter Top Ice Maker MachineTG22 – Produces 26 lbs Of Ice Per 24 Hours – Stainless Steel – By ThinkGizmos

It is made of a stainless steel and looks great but that is not why many people buy it.

It is because it is capable of making ice cubes in small, medium and large sizes. With it you will get just the right size of ice cubes that you need. You can make as much as 26pounds of ice in a day.

The entire ice cubes making process takes only 6 minutes. Do you know what that means?

You can place drinks on the table and rush to this countertop ice maker with some water and within a few minutes come back with ice cubes.

Using the ThinkGizmos TG22 is very easy.  Just plug it in, pour some water and make ice! As for controls, they are placed in an easy to reach spot at the front and have LED lights.

These controls allow you to switch the machine on and off and choose the size of cubes to make.

There is an indicator that will show when there is a need to add water and another for when the ice bucket is full (2.2lbs of ice).


  • The machine comes with a 12-month warranty which guarantees its long-lasting functioning.
  • A free ice scoop is given with every machine bought. This prevents burns from scooping ice with the hands or the additional expense of buying a scoop.
  • It is a sturdy machine and hence it is durable.
  • It operates quietly without the noise associated with many ice makers.
  • Different-sized ice cubes allow making ice cubes that are just the perfect size depending on the desired use.


  • It is a heavy machine.
  • To function well, the machine’s fan needs a relatively large space.
  • The medium, large and small ice cubes do not differ in size significantly.

This ice machine is one of the best and deserves to be given a try. It does make some good quality ice cubes and does that fast.

You can make a lot of ice (working in batches) in a day. The machine is easy to operate and control.

The indicators work perfectly avoiding overfilling of the ice bucket and indicating when to add water.

6. Igloo ICE105 Counter Top Compact Ice Maker

Igloo ICE 105 is the best to have to avoid running to the store to buy expensive ice bags or to be frustrated after opening the freezer to find the ice trays have nothing to offer.

Igloo ICE 105 is the best to have since it’s a stainless steel product thus lasting longer. This ice maker has a capability of making over 26 lbs of ice in 2 different sizes, hence allowing you to make more ice and allowing you to choose what type of drink suit you.

With its ability to produce ice within a short time, you can have time to pour you prepare your drink within very few minutes and enjoy the delicious taste.

It’s capable to store over 1-1/2 lbs of ice at a specific time thus making sure you always have ice in place in case of an immediate need.

You will enjoy its basket capacity of up to 2.64 pounds. Due to it model, this product is very quiet with Decibels less than 38.

It has a stylish design which is accompanied by stylish components, such as electronic controllers, that allows you to put your ice in orders.

It has the LED indicators which are responsible for giving you warnings when either the ice bucket is full or if there is need to add more water to the ice maker reservoir so as it can go on doing all its magic.

It also features ice shovel as well as Led display. It’s a very nice ice maker which will make you always smile for the good services you will get from it.


  • It has 2 size ice cubes
  • Easy to use the control buttons
  • Easily installable
  • It has ice basket as well as ice shovel
  • Maintain ace and cleaning is easy
  • It’s compact in size and light.


  • After certain period of time, ice may not freeze anymore
  • Cleaning unit is manually
  • Some little bit of noise during the production of ice.

This ice makes maker is the best appliance you can have in your household for ice production purpose.

It has the best features which will make ice production process easy and convenient. It will serve you for long since it’s a durable product with high-quality features.

7. Upgraded NutriChef Digital Portable Ice Maker Machine

We look at the Upgraded NutriChef-Digital Portable Ice-Maker Machine, which all households will benefit from.

Take into consideration that you can have chilled drinks always, with 33 pounds of ice daily. Read on to find out more:

It is a convenient machine everybody benefits from. It is compact at 12-inches x 16.5-inches x 17.2-inches.

It has an ice collection tray with four-pound capacity and a red LED indicator lets you know when it needs water, or the ice tray is full.

A great feature is that even though 1.8 L capacity is not much when you want to drink ice-cold water, it acts as water dispenser too.

When you do not remove the ice from the tray, it will melt and drain back into the reservoir, then it will start another cycle.

You do not need to continuously add water as it conveniently connects to a water line. As a hassle-free operation and easy to clean machine is it ideal not only for home use, but offices too.

A buzz also lets you know you can collect your ice by placing a small, tall container or glass onto the drip tray.

Two different ice cube sizes and a simple press of a button to get it started makes it simple enough for children to use as well.

The sleek and attractive design look stylish wherever you want to use it, from the kitchen counter to fancy parties. It is very easy to clean and stain resistant too, ensuring your ice will always be clear.


  • Super-quick – add water and enjoy ice in ten minutes
  • 33 pounds of ice allows for you to fill up a cooler or ice buckets, perfect for parties
  • Stain-resistant material
  • 4.6-foot power cord allows for use at the poolside, etc.
  • Connect to a water line for convenience


  • Even though it has a water line connector, the manufacturers suggest using ONLY pure water, which is rather contradictory.
  • It is rather noisy with an annoying beeper letting you know the tray is full
  • Small, hollow pellets melt too quick

8. Ivation 48-Pound Daily Capacity Counter Top Ice Maker

Ivation 48-Pound Daily Ice Maker is a countertop ice maker made of stainless steel. It has a four and a half liter water capacity.

Since it has more water efficiency, Ivation ice-maker machine can yield up to 48 pounds of ice everyday day.

Ivation has an ice storing capacity of 2.6 pounds that offers you a temporary convenience even as you make more ice cubes.

This ensures that new ice cubes have somewhere to be held before they are transferred to the store. Ivation’s high capacity automated icemaker only takes 8 minutes to freeze water into perfect ice cubes.

This leaves you with no other option than to make your own ice cube at home rather than walk or drive to the nearest ice store. The icemaker machine comes with three ice cube sizes to select upon according to your preference.

A single 24-hour cycle is enough for this machine to produce 48 pounds of ice! The icemaker machine also ensures zero water wastage through a recycling system.

The unused ice is melted back into the water reservoir for future ice making session. Another important feature of this machine is the alerting system.

It will give an alert you to add more water when it runs low, when the ice bucket is full, correct ice movement to the bucket and when the ice-making process is in standby mode.

For safety reasons, Ivation 48-Pound will shut down automatically when the ice-bucket is full.


  • Ivation ice-maker is perfect for small kitchens due to its compactness.
  • Convenient, compact and incredibly fast hence making ice cubes in less time. Free ice-level checking through a see-through window on top
  • Indicates when maximum ice capacity and low water levels are reached. 2.6 pounds ice storage capacity
  • Comes with intuitive digital control icon and easy-push touch buttons.
  • Performance oriented and fully customization with three selectable ice cube sizes


  • Ivation icemaker is comparatively bigger than other countertop ice-makers.
  • Require more flavor addition for the ice cubes to taste great.
  • Durability concerns, coupled with frequent breakdowns.

9. Costway Portable Compact Electric Ice Maker Machine Counter Top, Mini Cube 26lb of Ice Daily

The Costway Portable Compact Electric Ice Maker Machine gives a fast, easy, and reliable solution to creating a ready supply of ice cubes.

Daily, it produces up to 26lbs. It is convenient for use in the kitchen, a party, or even a boat. The compressor cooling system is in-built and operates with minimal noise.

Design – The product is made of a chic and modern design that makes it very attractive.

It has a clear window that allows one to monitor the ice-making progress and check the level of ice.

It comes in various colours, black, white, red, and silver. This makes it easily adaptable to your hardware and decor.

Portability – The Costway Portable Compact Electric Ice Maker Machine, is as the name suggests, portable and compact. Therefore, it is easy to use around the house and in other places like RV, or a gathering.

Capacity – The ice maker has the capacity to give out up to 26lbs of ice daily. Therefore, in 24 hours there is enough ice produced.

If left to run uninterrupted, one is assured of a constant supply of ice that is readily available.

Control Panel – The control panel is digital and has display settings that are visible. It is easy to operate the appliance with this panel.

When the reservoir is low or the ice bucket needs to be emptied, there is an alert that goes off. The alert is in the form of a light indicator.


  • The Costway Portable Compact Electric Ice Maker Machine is easily operatable and usable
  • It is light in weight making it portable. Hence, it can be used in many places.
  • The controls are touch buttons which make operation simple
  • There is a choice between large and small ice cubes
  • The see-through window makes it easy to track the ice-making process and determine when to fill the reservoir
  • Cleaning and maintaining it is very simple


  • The Costway Portable Compact Electric Ice Maker Machine is a bit slow in its operation
  • Its ice bucket is smaller in capacity as compared to other machines
  • It tends to be a bit noisy when the water levels are low

10. VonShef Counter Top Ice Maker, Produces 40 lbs Of Ice Per 24hs, Stainless Steel, Includes Ice Scoop, No Plumbing or Drainage Required

Vonshef company has yet again made a great ice maker that combines both efficiency and effectiveness. If you are a fan of parties and BBQ’s, this is the best ice maker for you.


To start with, the ice maker can produce 3.3 pounds of ice in a single cycle and is relatively silent. The machine comes with a free ice scope that enables you to remove ice from the bin easily. I also noted that the machine is relatively easy to operate. Actually it uses a set of push buttons and LED alerts. The LED alerts are for the ice and water levels.

Let me not forget to mention that the ice maker automatically drains water and therefore there is no need for drainage and plumbing facilities.

In addition Vonshef counter top ice maker has the ability to make a maximum of 40 lbs in a single day. It is actually a relatively quick machine as compared to other ice makers in the market. It also makes relatively small ice units that are really impressive.

Moreover, it has a stainless steel design and 2.2. liter water capacity and a 0.8 kg ice holding capacity. The machine is also relatively cheap.


  • Every product has its own pros and cons and the Vonshef counter top ice maker is no exceptional.
  • You have to clean the machine manually since it has no auto-cleaning system. The Ice maker does not contain a lock facility.
  • The door does not open or close automatically and thus one has to open it manually based on the needs.
  • All in all, the Vonshef Counter Top Ice Maker is the best ice maker to own. If you like entertaining friends and family with ice-chilled drinks, here is the machine.